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João Ferro
On 4/16/20, 11:36 AM

As Rodrigo said, is not easy to handle dinamic interface. If instead of a table, your genders were arrays then you would have more control over that.
If you still want to do it dinamically you could try a multiform as Rodrigo said.
1) Create a form for Genre with a Table List of books of that Genre 
2) Create a multiform over the genre tables. Fore each Genre it will replicate the form created in 1) with the information you want.
No need for SR, extra fields or conditional logic with this solution.

Álvaro Damas
On 4/16/20, 11:33 AM

There is a pattern in the menu lists that is largely ignored, can it help?  In the example below, equipments (EQUIP) only appears in this menu list if there are repairs (REPAR)

Rodrigo Serafim
On 4/16/20, 11:06 AM

I think you are making things complicated for yourself going with that interface. Forms and tables are much more complex when they need to react dynamically, and the way you are describing you would need a dynamic number of table lists in your form.

You should be using either a tree control of some sort of extended form linked to the GENRE or THEME table list (an inline form that repositions as the user clicks on rows of the table list). Even a multiform, with its limitations, is likely simpler than managing by hand what can possibly grow to dozens of table lists.

You will need to have a count of the number of books in order to do the filtering out of 0 book categories, it should be much simpler than creating sql views.

Rui Rita
On 4/16/20, 9:59 AM

In this case, the SR (Linked sum) should be in the gender table, and not the book table, due to the gender being inserted dynamically, you can´t attach SR in the book because you can´t tell how many there will be.

By doing this you will have the information on the gender table of how many books there are for that gender. You should also complement the SR with a + (arithmetic) formula which will represent if that gender has or not any book.

This being said, you should have something like this in you gender Table:

Field: NUMBOOKS -> SR formula: [BOOK->1]

Field: HASBOOKS -> + formula: IIF([GENDR->NUMBOOKS]>0,1,0)

In you form, for each table list, apply the show when condition to each table list [GENDR->HASBOOKS]==1

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I understand you solution but that would make create a number of fileds... I would need a logic field for every genre in my BKTHE table, and on the theme tabel a sum for every genre

Maria Guedes
on 4/16/20, 10:14 AM

Maria Guedes
On 4/16/20, 9:39 AM

Thanks! The goal is that i have multiple tables lists, imagine a form for subjects with multiple table lists to the books, separated by genres in different table lists. But I only want to show the genres / table lista that have books. (so hide the empty table lists)


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