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Carlos Nogueira
On 10/15/19, 8:28 AM


Public menu/forms were made available in Genio (279.57) version.
Basically, you'll need that your Public Module and Menu (if you want to allow access to information separately), Forms and Tables that are available to public that have access level = 0.

You'll also need one user level correspondent to level 0 ("Public") and have this level available to the module:

Check this example that has the complete options to set level 0 in Module/Menu entry/Form and Table:

Hope it helps.

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Final result with the example given:

No login needed.

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In this way its only possible to create record with leve 0 (public) but still require login whit user and password.

How can i make it with no login?

Martins Zimba
on 10/23/19, 11:58 AM

I think you haven't tried to use it, please do. Example on EDIT section.

Carlos Nogueira
on 10/23/19, 3:12 PM

Maksym Hrytsko
On 12/14/22, 3:14 PM

Hi Tiago Duarte,

If you have a public home page, change login style to «embeded_page» in the Layout variables.

Tiago Duarte
On 3/13/20, 11:18 AM

I also followed the steps above, I tried to open another browser session, widthout login, and it redirects to login form:

1. after login: