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Maksym Hrytsko
On 4/16/20, 1:30 PM

In the Genio version 289.63 or higher, the field of the GLOB table will be supported in this type of menu.

Álvaro Damas
On 4/16/20, 10:12 AM

Genio does not currently allow database fields in the definition of the "Open Web Page" pattern. At this point, the pattern opens a web page if the page opening command expression contains "http" or "www.". If the expression does not contain one of this strings, the system tries to open it as a document in the folder "~ / Content /" on the WEB server.

In a future version of Genio the possibility of including in the command expression a field from [GLOB] table will be implemented.


Using manual code you can, overcome this need. See example below:

- Define field in table GLOB

Then create a menu entry with continuation for manual routine

Next create in Manwins that

and that