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Rui Rita
On 5/20/20, 2:44 PM

If i understood correctly, you wanna see CIHS1 records per CIDA3 that have at least one connection to ENTI1 through CIEN1.


DB ENTI1 (filter by area CIEN1) -> DB CIEN1 (with information of CIDA3 to mimic irs selection, incuding CIDA3 PK as invisible) -> DB CIDA3 (skip if just one, which was selected in CIEN1 list) -> DB CIHS1

The goal here is to select and entity that exists in a connection with the CIDA3 using the filter by area. Then select the CIEN1 but showing the CIDA3 field to look like you're selecting that record, than the skip if just one to apply the filter to the CIHS1.

The question here is to know if the CIEN1 selection with the CIDA3 PK as a column will be or not used to filter the next list.

Carlos Nogueira
On 5/21/20, 11:03 AM


I've taken a look at your case, and here's my thoughts, to get it done, if i've understood it correctly:

Your model seems incomplete to achieve that. And what you've tried to do (CIHS1->CIEN1) is wrong, the relation is the other way around, and your problem is solved.

I'll explain, by using real names with association for your table namings:

In the order of events, you'll associate several Cities (CIDA3) to an Entity (ENTI1) through table CIEN1.

This means that when your History table (CIHS1) is created, by logic, it should also have several associations with an Entity, same ones as the original Cities table (CIDA3).

So, in the creation event of the History table, you'll need to add that information to CIEN1 (marking CIDA3's chieldren). There are many ways to achieve this, i'll assume you know them and i'll skip that part.

Now, you can have your menu entry of Entities -> History, directly, by using N:N (DC) menu list:

DB ENTI1 -> DC CIHS1 (fill CIEN1 as the N:N table on menu form), and that's it.

Hope this helps!


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Please note that marking CIEN1 with CIHS, it's a simplified solution, that may not cover all possible situations. The complete and correct model should include an extra table, below CIEN1, with FK to CIHS and CLIEN1. In this case, that would be the one filtering the N:N DC menu.

Carlos Nogueira
on 5/21/20, 11:33 AM

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