New Feature: Style editor

Genio 283.90

The new style editor allows the user to change the layout and themes variables directly from within the platform ( avaliable from version 283.90 onwards ).

Summary of the style editor:

  • Support through Genio;

  • Style choice related with the Application;

  • Sepparated in two groups: Layout and Themes;

  • Compatibility with Manwins;

  • Variables behaviour change with different Layouts

How to use

Odoo • Image and Text

Opening style editor

In order to open the style editor use the following path:
Generation->Settings->Clients->Choose your Client->Choose the desired Application->Layout/Theme variables Tab

Odoo • Image and Text

Editing a variable

Inside the Layout/Theme variables Tab you can Insert a new variable, edit a current one or delete.
After Insert or edit, press the Edit Variable Button.

In this example we are changing the variable of primary color from blue to red.

 In order to do this, click on the variable you want to change and enter the new Value.
You can see the description of each Variable on the right side of the form.

Odoo • Image and Text


Application Layout before the variable change.


Odoo • Image and Text


Application Layout after generating the code.


Any further questions feel free to ask in the Q&A Forum.

What are you waiting for? Start styling!